1. What is Open HEARTSMAP?

Open HEARTSMAP is a publicly accessible version of the HEARTSMAP psychosocial assessment tool developed by the Divisions of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Psychiatry at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH). HEARTSMAP helps emergency department (ED) clinicians assess and manage children and youth presenting with mental health complaints (i.e. depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.). While originally developed for an emergency department setting, HEARTSMAP is now available to clinicians to use at their discretion in emergency departments outside of BC and in community settings where a psychosocial assessment is warranted.
HEARTSMAP is composed of 10 psychosocial domains:

  • Home
  • Education and activities
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Relationships and bullying
  • Thoughts and anxiety
  • Safety
  • sexual health
  • Mood and function
  • Abuse
  • Professionals and resources

Each of these sections is allocated a score:

  • 0 for no concerns
  • 1 for mild concerns
  • 2 for moderate concerns
  • 3 for major concerns

Validated among ED clinicians at BCCH, HEARTSMAP is currently the psychosocial assessment tool used for all mental health presentations at the BCCH ED and many EDs throughout British Columbia.